Robert MacRae's legal practice focuses on Civil Litigation, Negotiation, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Robert MacRae has appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada, the Ontario Court of Appeal, Federal Court, Ontario Provincial Court, Ontario Commercial Registration Appeal Tribunal, the Ontario Environmental Assessment Board and Discipline Bodies for various professional associations. Robert MacRae's cases have been reported. Examples are in the Supreme Court of Canada Reporter, Ontario Reports and Canadian Criminal Reports.

Robert MacRae was counsel for a party with full standing at the Elliot Lake Commission of Inquiry for 9 months in 2013.

Robert MacRae continues post-graduate studies. Rob graduated from Osgoode Hall and also attended at Osgoode Hall Law School for the purpose of obtaining his Masters Degree in Law focusing on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Civil Litigation.

Robert MacRae also graduated in 2011 with a Certificate in Mining Law. The Certificate was granted by the Osgoode Hall Law School, Office of Continuing Education. Mr. MacRae has received a Certificate in recognition of being qualified to act on behalf of mining corporations with respect to development, financing, implementation, construction and operation.

Robert has conducted international mediations, negotiations and regulatory reviews. Robert has also acted on behalf of United States Tribal Councils in North America and Europe.

As an experienced and successful business person, Robert MacRae brings to the practice of law an insight as a business owner, negotiator, mediator and litigator. Robert MacRae has acted as legal counsel for many Aboriginal communities, organizations and individuals. He has gained extensive international business and regulatory compliance experiences as C.O.O. of Filtrec North America and VP Sustainable Development for a private Iron Group.

Robert MacRae has acted as a Regulatory Compliance Officer for a private iron ore development group since 2010. Given his extensive international business and legal experience, he is responsible for the group's Environmental Assessment Process.

Mr. MacRae has had extensive business dealings in Europe and is very experienced in the nuances of international business and finance.

In 2003, Mr. MacRae, as C.O.O. of Filtrec North America and a major shareholder in Filtrec North America joined with the President of Filtrec North America to receive the Canadian Business Top 500 Growth Companies in Canada Award.

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